Best Small League (SL) Fantasy Cricket Apps in India 2024

Best Small League (SL) Fantasy Cricket Apps.

Are you looking for the best fantasy cricket apps for playing in small leagues and making a profit? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Since 2018, our team has played on almost all cricket fantasy apps and conducted several experiments to become profitable in fantasy sports.

In 2024, it became increasingly difficult to become profitable due to new government regulations on taxes related to profit (TDS) and deposit (GST).

However, don’t worry – this article provides unique principles for maximizing your profits by playing only in small leagues. It also includes a list of the best fantasy cricket apps for playing in small leagues.

List Best Small League Fantasy Cricket App 2024

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What are Small League fantasy apps in fantasy sports?

In the field of fantasy sports, any league with less than 25 spots is considered a small league or SL.

There are over 60 fantasy apps available in India, some of which focus on Mega Contest while others on small leagues. The apps provide a wide variety of options for small-league are considered as small league fantasy apps.

To Find the best Small League (SL) Fantasy Cricket Apps, we consider the following-

  • Number of Small Leagues,
  • Variety of members & entry fees of the Leagues,
  • Competition, and
  • Platform fee (Commission).

How to Become Profitable Playing Small League?


To Become profitable playing small leagues, you should understand Competition and Platform Fees [Commission] in fantasy sports.

In many cases, winning in a small league often depends more on your opponents’ teams than on your own. This is influenced by important factors such as the level of competition, the amount of information (including knowledge, and stats), and the level of experience that your opponents have or utilize. If the majority of the opponents of your budget contest have lower skill levels in a fantasy app consider as low completion app for you. Therefore if you play contests with lower competition, you can easily enhance your winning chances, which leads to profitability. [More Details…]

In fantasy apps, the prize pool of paid contests is always less than the total of our entry fee. This means that these apps charge a fee when we participate in paid contests, which we call platform fees or commissions. Also, those fantasy apps have many low platform fees (commission) contests are considered low platform fee fantasy apps. It’s important to note that the platform fee (commission) varies from lower to higher in every fantasy cricket app. Therefore, if you play on contests with a lower platform fee, you can save money, which may lead to profitability in the long run. [More Details…]

Keep in Mind– Generally, the lower-competition fantasy apps often charge a higher platform fee, while lower platform fee apps have higher competition due to promotion by fantasy influencers.

Thus, we have also a well-proven mantra for choosing the best matches for each type of app.

👉 Play matches on Low Competition apps– BBL, Hundreds, PSL, Women’s matches, etc.

👉 Play matches on Low Commission apps– IPL and India International matches.

We also provide a list of the best Small League (SL) fantasy cricket apps separately for both low platform fees (commission) and low competition. Choose the app that aligns with your thought process.

Best Small League Fantasy Cricket Apps

Low Platform fee (Commission) fantasy Apps for Small League

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Low Competition Fantasy Apps for Small League

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The above Ranking is completely based on trust, No. of leagues, variety of members & entry fees of the leagues, competition, and platform fee (commission).

We also confirm that the above fantasy cricket apps are genuine and trusted; not promotional.

Find your BEST fantasy apps!

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Last Words-

As we discussed, the profitability of playing fantasy cricket in small leagues depends on the level of competition and platform fee (commission). If used correctly, no one can stop you from becoming consistently profitable.

Since 2019, we have been playing fantasy cricket, and based on our experience, we recommend using the following apps.

Low competition apps- Dream11, MPL

Low Commission- Fantasy Akhada, Vision11

FAQs: Small League Fantasy Cricket Apps

List the Best fantasy apps to play Small Leagues in cricket matches.

Dream11, Fantasy Akhada, MyCircle11, PlayerzPot, MPL, Vision11, etc are the best fantasy apps to play Small leagues in cricket matches.

Which fantasy cricket app is the best to play SL?

In our opinion, no one fantasy cricket app is best to play SL. According to the matches, you should select the apps.

Play matches on Dream11, and My11Circle apps- BBL, Hundreds, PSL, Women’s matches, etc.
Play matches on Vision11, and Fantasy Akhada apps- IPL and India International matches.

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