CrickPe Platform Charges (Commission)

CrickPe Fantasy app Platform Charges (Commission).

This article provides the Platform Charges (Commissions) taken by CrickPe. It includes complete data (all contests) and recommends the best valuable contests within your price range.

CrickPe is a new fantasy app that provides only a few contests, 1 mega contest, and some small leagues. Generally, it charges a slightly low commission compared to popular apps.

Be Careful- The platform Charges (commission) for all the contests are not equal. Please, read it carefully and find the hidden valuable contests that take low commissions.

CrickPe Platform Charges

Following are all the categories of the contest based on No. of teams

Small Leagues (2-5 Members)

It provides a few small leagues. In this category, the commission is 10% of the entry fee. Following are the complete CrickPe commission of small leagues-

Mege Contests

It provides one mega contest and the commission is 20% of the entry fee. Following are the CrickPe commission of the mega contest-

Note- For newly added or missing contests. Please use Commission Calculator to check the commission.

FAQs: CrickPe Commission

How much CrickPe takes commissions?

Generally, CrickPe takes a slightly low commission in maximum contests that are more than 10% of the entry fee. The CrickPe commissions are as follows-
H2H contests- 10%
Mega League (GL) and Mini GL (Hot) contests- 20% (use the bonus to reduce commission).

Disclaimer- This game involves an element of financial risk and may be addictive. Please play responsibly and at your own risk. The game is applicable to people above 18 only.

Thank You for reading this article. If you have any doubts about the CrickPe app, please drop them in the comment box. Our team’s members will respond with a sensible Solution.

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