MPL vs A23 Fantasy: Which app is better and why?

MPL vs A23 Fantasy which app is better and Why.

Both MPL and A23 Fantasy are the most preferred fantasy app because of their trust and protection.

MPL and A23 Fantasy are dissimilar fantasy apps in terms of some essential factors like Commission, Withdrawal, Sign up rewards, etc.

So let us compare MPL vs A23 Fantasy with each aspect and see who would be a better choice for you. By the end of the article, you will be able to make up your mind.

OverviewMPL A23 Fantasy
Launch Year-2018Not Available (Website)
3.7/ 5 (Play Store)
Total Download-9 Crore +5 Crore +
Rating-4.9 / 5 (Website)
4.1 / 5 (Play Store)
Not Available (Website)
3.7/ 5 (Play Store)
Brand Ambassador-Virat KohliShah Rukh Khan

Sign up Benefits

MPL A23 Fantasy
Sign up Reward-Rs 5 and 10 Coins (Tasks- up to Rs 40) Up to 75 instant cash
1st Deposit Offer-5% extra real cash (up to Rs 50)Up to 175% extra bonus
Free Entry-NoYes (using instant cash)
How to Grab the Above Benefits?How to Grab the Above Benefits?


MPL A23 Fantasy
Available Fantasy Sports-Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, BasketballCricket, Football, Kabaddi, Basketball, Baseball
Use of Bonus-up to 10% bonus only GL GL- 100% & SL- 20%
GL + Mini GL-Yes (a few)Yes (a few)
Withdrawal Methods-Bank, Paytm, UPI, Amazon PayBank, UPI, Amazon Pay
Instant Withdrawal-Yes (a few seconds)Yes
Withdrawal Limit-Min Rs 1Min Rs 100
Contact Support-1-1 Live Chat, EmailCall and Email
Series Leaderboard-YesNo
Unique FeaturesUnique Features


MPL A23 Fantasy
GL and Mini-10% bonusunlock bonus 100% usable
Small League-0% bonusunlock bonus 20% usable
Validity-30 days30 days
Offer Came-RegularlyOccasionally

Platform Charge (Commission)

Use the bonus to reduce the commission (only higher entry contests).

MPL A23 Fantasy
Grand League-20-30%20-25%
Mini GL-20-25%20-25%
2 Member-12-15%11-17%
3 Member-12-15%13-16%
4 Member-13-17%16-17%
Up to 5-25-12-17%16-20%
More Details-Excel SheetExcel Sheet


MPL A23 Fantasy
Unique cricket fantasy + Games- Games2nd innings
Refer and Earn-Rs 5 + 5% of Friend 1st Deposit + up to Rs 200Up to 1500 Bonus
Player Selection-WK- 1-4, BAT- 3-6, AR- 1-4, BOWL- 3-6
Max 7 Players from a team
WK- 1-4, BAT- 1-6, AR- 1-6, BOWL- 1-6
Max 7 Players from a team

User’s Experience

MPLA23 Fantasy
Home Interface-SimpleSimple
Create Teams-Smooth Smooth
Contest Joining-SmoothSmooth
Players Image-YesYes

Alert- On the old devices (below Android 8), MPL becomes slow.


MPL and A23 Fantasy have their own positives. According to your preferences, you should choose. We provide our conclusion in the structure of the questions.👇👇

Why is MPL better than A23 Fantasy?

While both MPL and A23 Fantasy have their positive, MPL score over A23 Fantasy on the following counts:

1. MPL also provides various Games (including all card games). Thus if you want to play Fantasy and Games in one app.
2. MPL provides the best sign-up benefits for new users.
3. MPL also provides the best deposit offers to get extra real cash occasionally and new features (loss protection, task, etc).

Thus, the final conclusion: MPL is better when you take the above advantages.

Why A23 Fantasy is better than MPL?

Both MPL and A23 Fantasy are popular fantasy apps. A23 Fantasy is better than MPL in the following ways:
1. A23 Fantasy provides suitable Sign up benifits for beginners( up to 80 instant cash and up to 175% bonus on 1st deposit).
2. It delivers many fantasy sports (Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, Basketball, Baseball).
3. Here, the unlocked bonus is 100% usable on every GL contest and 20% usable on every SL contest.

Which is better: MPL or A23 Fantasy?

MPL Vs A23 Fantasy Difference:
◽ Sign up Rewards.
◽REfer and Earn benefits.
◽In A23 Fantasy 20% or 100% unlocked bonus is usable but a little amount of bonus is usable in MPL.

MPL Vs A23 Fantasy Similarities:
◽ Most trusted and safe.
◽ Provides Games + fantasy sports.
◽ Takes High commission.
◽ Provides instant withdrawal.
◽ The bonus expired after some specific days.

On the basis of the above details, we conclude that A23 Fantasy is better than MPL.
In our opinion, You should choose both and play in the app where you get the best deals.

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