Top 10 New Fantasy Cricket Apps in India 2024 [100% Trusted]

New Fantasy Cricket Apps 2023

Are you looking for the Best New Fantasy Cricket Apps in 2024 in India? You’ve landed on the best website for fantasy app recommendations.

We provided 60+ fantasy cricket apps with detailed information on this website. So, we have the most valuable data to choose the best new trusted fantasy apps for you.

Nowadays, continuously new fantasy apps are launching and also provide fantastic features. But we can’t trust them blindly because they may scam you.

Thus, this article provides the top new fantasy cricket apps launched between 2021-2024.

List of New Fantasy Cricket Apps 2024

AppsDownload Link
SportsBaaziTrustedClick Here
A23 FantasyTrustedClick Here
CrickPeTrustedClick Here
MyMaster11TrustedClick Here
Fantasy DangleTrustedClick Here
Choic11TrustedClick Here
Super4Click Here
HiscoreClick Here
Life11Click Here
1X11Click Here
Legend FantasyClick Here
Vijayi BhawaClick Here

Identify Trusted New Fantasy Apps

Before depositing your valuable money in any fantasy cricket app, you should confirm that the app is safe and genuine, which means Trusted. We have some factors that ensure a fantasy app’s trust (safety). Your fantasy app must have any 1-2 factors.

These are the factors that ensure the TRUST of a fantasy app-

Note- Trusted Fantasy cricket apps do not mean 100% safe and genuine. There are many examples of fantasy cricket apps, that closed their app even though they have the above. Thus, if you see convenience for a long time in any app, it is better to switch to another app.

Top New Fantasy Cricket Apps in India

1. SportsBaazi

SportsBaazi is a new fantasy app that launched in 2023. But it is actually an old app (BalleBaazi) launched in 2018 and now changed its name from Ballebaazi to SportsBaazi in 2023.

SportsBaazi has a popular brand ambassador Zahir Khan (former Indian fast bowler). It is also a member of IMAI.

2. A23 Fantasy

The A23 Fantasy app was launched in 2022. Actually, the Fanfight app was moved to A23 in 2022 (A23 buy Fanfight).

A23 has many celebrities as Brand Ambassadors (Shah Rukh Khan). It also has FIFS silver membership and AIGF principal membership. So it become a more trusted platform among all new fantasy apps.

3. CrickPe

In 2023, the CricPe app was launched by Ashneer Grover (founder of BharatPe). CrickPe has AIGF platinum and gold membership. Nowadays, he become popular, as well as an influencer.

4. MyMaster11

MyMaster11 app interface
MyMaster11 app interface

The MyMaster11 was launched in April 2021. Harmanpreet Kaur (Indian Women’s Cricket Captain) is the brand ambassador of MyMaster11 and many popular fantasy influencers also promote the app (Stats Guruji, Cricinformer, etc).

5. Fantasy Dangal

Fantasy Dangal app interface
Fantasy Dangal app interface

The Fantasy Dangal app was also launched in 2021. Fantasy Dangal has AIGF and IMAI membership and is also promoted by popular fantasy influencers (CricInformer).

6. Choic11

Choic11 app interface
Choic11 app interface

Choic11 is also launched in the year 2021. It has a brand ambassador (Rinku Singh) and a FIFS start-up membership.

7. Super4

Supre4 app interface
Supre4 app interface

The Super4 fantasy app was launched in 2022. Ravi Bishnoi is the brand ambassador of the Super4 app.

8. HiScore

Hiscore app interface
Hiscore app interface

As SportsBaazi, the HiScore app changed its name from Nostra Pro to Hiscore in 2022. Actually, the Nostra Pro app was launched in 2016.

9. Life11

Life11 app interface
Life11 app interface

The Life11 is a new fantasy app that launched in 2022.

10. 1X11 | OneX11

1X11 app interface
1X11 app interface

The 1X11 is a new fantasy app that launched in 2022.

11. Legend Fantasy

Legend app interface
Legend app interface

The Legend Fantasy app was launched in 2021.

12. Vijayi Bhawa

Vijayi Bhawa app interface
Vijayi Bhawa app interface

The Vijayi Bhawa fantasy app was launched in 2021.

Last Words

We also assure you that, our recommended (Trusted) new fantasy apps are safe and genuine, freely you should play on these apps.

Lastly, we again say that kindly confirm the trust of your selected app by considering the above trust factors.

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FAQs: New Fantasy Cricket Apps

Which one app is the No. 1 fantasy cricket app?

A23 Fantasy app is the No. 1 new fantasy app in 2023. Because
1- It is 99% trusted.
2- It provides excellent offers to new users.
3- It provides multiple fantasy sports.
4- Here, the 20 or 100% bonus is usable in maximum contests.

Which are the top new fantasy apps in 2024?

These are the top new fantasy apps in 2024
1. SportsBaazi
2. A23 Fantasy
3. CrickPe
4. MyMaster11
5. Fantasy Dangle

What are the factors that ensure the trust of a fantasy app?

The following are the considerable factors that ensure the trust of a fantasy app-
1- Have a Popular Brand Ambassador/ Sponsor Sports events/ teams,
2- FIFS Membership,
3- RNG (gaming), and
4- AIGF Membership (gaming).

What are the new Fantasy apps that provide free entry?

These are the new fantasy cricket app that provides free entry-
1- MyMaster11 (daily free giveaway),
2- A23 Fantasy (provides Rs 25 unlocked bonus, 100% usable to join paid contest),
3- Fantasy Dangal (free giveaway), and
4- Life11 (free giveaway).

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