Top 5 Low-Competition Fantasy Cricket Apps in India 2024

Low-Competition Fantasy Cricket Apps.

Are you looking to increase your winning rate in fantasy cricket? We have found the best low-competition fantasy cricket apps that can help you enhance your winnings.

Since 2018, our team has played on almost all cricket fantasy apps and conducted several experiments to understand the level of competition.

In this article, we will present a fresh approach to competition that may change your perspective, as well as provide the best low-competition fantasy apps.

Top Low-Competition Fantasy Cricket Apps

RankFantasy AppsDownload Page
1Dream11[Click Here]
2My11Circle[Click Here]
3MPL[Click Here]
4Buy Star[Click Here]
5Fantoss[Click Here]
6Big Cash[Click Here]

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We also confirm that the above fantasy cricket apps are genuine and trusted.

What is a competition Fantasy Cricket App?

In the arena of fantasy cricket, the term “competition” refers to the level of knowledge, statistics, and experience that your opponents have used to create their fantasy cricket teams. In other words, it measures the skill level of your opponents.

If the majority of the opponents of your budget contest have lower skill levels in a fantasy app. In that case, the fantasy cricket app is said to have low competition in that Budget-type contest.

There is generally no fantasy app with completely low competition. However, if you notice that most opponents’ teams are not creating ideal team combinations, regardless of your winning on a type of budget contest, then that would be considered a low competition app for you on that type of budget contest.

đź“ť Sign of low competition apps

Alert- Low-competition apps do not guarantee wins, but they offer opportunities to play against opponents with varying skill levels, enhancing chances of winning.

  • Apps that are Promoted on TV, Websites, Social Media (Youtube, Facebook, etc), etc. Ex- Dream11, MyCircle11.
  • New or underrated apps (no promotion by fantasy influencers). Ex- Fantoss and Buy Star (make sure no opponent is common).
  • Gaming Apps (especially Known for Gaming). Ex- MPL

Low Competition Apps: Pros and Cons


  • Gets the opportunity to play with varying skill levels.
  • Help to increase your winning percentage.


  • Generally, these app takes High platform fees (commissions).

Best Use of Low Competition Fantasy Apps

Q. Which Matches are better for low-competition fantasy cricket apps?

Ans- This information is for users who only participate in low-entry-fee contests (less than Rs.500). To increase your chances of winning in low-competition apps, it’s best to focus on matches with limited knowledge and stats available to users (we also called low competition matches). Matches such as BBL, SA t20, Women’s matches, and Hundred (except for India international and IPL matches). By playing these matches on low-competition apps with complete knowledge and stats, you can increase your chances of winning.
However, India international and IPL match information and live matches are easily available with much uncertainty to predict the best XI, making them slightly more competitive in all apps. Therefore, you can choose to play these matches on any app you prefer. So, we recommend playing those matches on low platform fee (commission) apps to save on extra fees.

Q. Does competition make sense for high investors?

Ans- In our opinion, competition does not matter much for high investors. Since they don’t want to waste their money, they are always looking to gain more knowledge, statistics, and experience from their opponents.

On the other hand, for low investors who enter small entry fee contests, competition is crucial. It is important to note that many users create teams by simply watching matches and scorecards, without having enough knowledge, statistics, or experience. Thus, playing against them can increase your chances of winning.

Final Words

In fantasy sports, your winnings depend on both your team and your opponent’s team. To maximize your chances of winning, the first important thing is to use your complete knowledge, statistics, and experience to create the best team possible. secondly, playing against opponents with a lower skill level, use low-competition apps. When both teams are evenly matched, no one can stop you from increasing your chances of winning.

The fantasy apps listed above have less competition for contests with entry fees of less than Rs 200. If you want to improve your chances of winning on these apps, it is recommended that you stick to playing lower-entry fee contests.

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FAQs: Low-Competition Fantasy Cricket Apps

List the top 5 low-competition fantasy cricket apps.

The top low-competition cricket fantasy apps are the following-
1. Dream11
2. My11Circle
3. MPL
4. Buy Star
5. Fantoss

Is Dream11 the best low-competition cricket fantasy app?

For High entry fee playing users, we can’t say. But if a small investor, plays small entry contests and uses enough info to create a team. Then we say that Dream11 is the best low-competition fantasy cricket app.

Do the Low-Commission apps have low competition?

Generally, all the trusted low-commission fantasy apps are promoted by many fantasy influencers through their telegram channel. All the users of fantasy influencers play there which uses enough info to beat you. Thus, we say that Low-Commission apps have High competition.

What is the quality of the Low Competition apps?

As low competition means “How much knowledge, stats, and experience your opponents used to create the fantasy cricket teams”. So, the quality of low-competition fantasy cricket has the following-
> App promoted mainly on TV, YouTube, Website, and Social Media.
> New and underrated fantasy apps like Buy Star, and Fantoss.
> Gaming apps that have both games + fantasy cricket.

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