TOP 5 Mega Contest Fantasy Cricket Apps in India 2024

TOP Mega Contest fantasy cricket apps.

Are you looking for the best Mega Contest Fantasy Cricket apps? If the answer is yes, then you have landed on the right page!

Mega Contests (GL) offer the opportunity to win up to 10 times the total investment.

We have been playing fantasy cricket since 2018 and have provided detailed information on 60 + fantasy cricket apps on this website. Therefore, this article provides the best mega contests (GL) fantasy cricket apps, along with our favorite mega contests fantasy apps, based on our knowledge and experience.

List of Best Mega Contests (GL) Fantasy Cricket Apps 2024

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These are our shortlist of best mega contest fantasy cricket apps, you can try any one. Here, the rankings are completely based on the above factors.

We also confirm that the above fantasy cricket apps are genuine and trusted; not promotional.

What are Mega Contest fantasy apps in fantasy sports?

In fantasy sports, any contest with more than 100 spots is considered a Mega Contest or GL (grand league).

Commonly, every fantasy app refers to a contest with a large number of spots as a Mega Contest or GL. Moreover, contests that have over 100 spots can have many names (hot, Trending, super, etc) but we (users) simply call them mini GL.

In India, there are over 60 fantasy apps available, some of which concentrate on mega contests while others on small leagues. The apps provide a wide range of options for the mega contest, considered mega contest fantasy apps.

To Find the best Mega Contests (GL) Fantasy Cricket Apps, we consider the following-

  • Numbers and Prize Pools of Mega contests (GL) with mini GL,
  • Variety of GL contests (members, entry fee),
  • Prize Distribution,
  • User experience, and
  • Extra Benefits.

Why should we consider the above factor to choose the best Mega Contests fantasy cricket apps?

Below are the factors, along with their explanations, that we consider. These reasons clarify why we give importance to the factors mentioned above.

  • No. of Mega contests (GL) and mini GL- If there are more GL contests available, we get more options to play multiple GL contests simultaneously.
  • Variety of mega contests- Different contests with varying numbers of spots and entry fees provide more options to play according to your ideal spots and budget.
  • Prize Distribution- The maximum prize should not be distributed only to the first rank. It should be distributed among the top few members. If you get a good rank, you should receive 5-10 times of total investment.
  • User Experience- The apps must have a good interface with a smooth and fast-running system. It should help you execute your analysis without any uncertainty while creating fantasy teams.

Last Words

In 2024, the government introduced a new regulation regarding profit in fantasy sports, known as TDS. This regulation made playing mega contests more favorable than before. Previously, players had to pay 30% TDS to the government on winnings over 10K and could not claim any TDS returns in the case of losses. However, now players only have to pay TDS on their profits and can also book losses.

Thus, we recommend playing more mega contests over small contests (SL). Our favorite fantasy apps for mega contests are Dream11, My11Circle, and MyTeam11.

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FAQs: Best Mega Contest Fantasy Cricket Apps

What are the best mega contests fantasy cricket apps in 2024?

Dream11, My11Circle, MyTeam11, Fantasy Akhada, Vision, MyFab11, and First Games are some of the best fantasy cricket apps that offer mega contests and mini GLs with great user experiences in 2024.

Which fantasy cricket app is the best to play mega contests?

Dream11 is a fantasy app that offers a variety of mega contests with different entry fees and prize distributions. The app also provides an excellent user experience, along with many extra benefits such as discounts, DreamRuns, and more. Overall, Dream11 is the best fantasy app to play mega contests.

Which fantasy cricket app provides the biggest Mega Contest?

Dream11 offers the biggest Mega Contest in almost every match. For popular matches, the prize pool of the mega contests is usually between 10 to 50 crores. In addition, Dream11 also provides many mini mega contests. MyCircle11 ranking is currently at 2nd, which offers a Mega Contest with a prize pool between 10-20 crores and a chance to win exciting gadgets, Thar, mobiles, and more.

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