What is Fantasy cricket? & How it Works?

In recent years, fantasy cricket has become incredibly popular, captivating the hearts of millions of cricket enthusiasts in India. Most young people are familiar with it due to advertisements. It is an amazing platform to make money for cricket fans.

However, before investing your valuable money in fantasy cricket, it’s important to understand all about fantasy cricket. To get a great start and become aware of things you should know, it’s recommended to gain knowledge about fantasy cricket.

Our team has invested over 5 years in this field, giving us extensive knowledge of all things related to fantasy cricket.

What is Fantasy cricket?

Fantasy cricket is a strategy-based online sports game where participants create their own virtual cricket teams (XI) of real cricketers playing in real cricket matches (International, T20 Leagues, official T10, etc).

Fantasy cricket has precise rules for cricket matches to earn points [Ex- 1 run= 1 point, 1 Wicket= 25 points] which is also known as the fantasy cricket point system in fantasy cricket apps. Here, the goal of the participants is to score more points [picking the best XI] than their opponents to win.

How does Fantasy Cricket Work?

It’s simply a virtual game that allows cricket enthusiasts to utilize their expertise to form the best possible team (XI). Multiple companies offer platforms to play against other participants. Dream11, My11Circle, MPL, MyTeam11, MyFab11, Vision11, and others are some examples. With millions of regular users. Here, people bet money with their fantasy team, so we may say it is a great way to win or lose money. Having a thorough understanding of fantasy cricket is vital in making the best possible XI.

How do fantasy cricket apps actually operate? Working Model of Fantasy Cricket

You are here, obviously for Dream11 and My11Circle ads. In these ads, they promise a chance to win 1 crore rupees. So, you are wondering to know: “Is this real or fake?” “ Can anyone actually win that much money” ” Who gives crores of rupees?” “Can I win too?”

To answer these questions, let’s discuss the working model of fantasy cricket apps. Basically, these apps provide a platform for playing fantasy cricket and charge fees for it, as discussed. Here’s how it works: you create virtual teams and enter paid contests with other participants. If you beat your opponents, you win the cash prize. The prize pool is made up of the total entry fees – platform fees taken by the company. For example, if two participants each pay Rs 59 to enter a contest, the winner wins the prize pool of Rs 100 and the remaining 18 is taken by the company as a platform fee [ 59*2 – 18 = 100].

Now, you may get the answers to the question. Yes, these apps are real and you can win crores of rupees and even cars. However, it’s extremely difficult to do so (we explain why in another article). These companies themselves don’t give the prize money- it comes from the entry fees paid by the participants. The companies made lots of money from the platform fees they charge. That’s why there are over 70 fantasy cricket apps in existence. They only spend money to provide offers to users (attract, retain) and advertisements.

How to Start Playing Fantasy Cricket?

If you’re interested in playing Fantasy Cricket. Follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Choose a fantasy cricket platform. There are 70+ fantasy cricket platforms available, so you’ll need to choose one to start playing for free (because you are new). Some popular platforms include Dream11, My11Circle, MyTeam11, and MyFab11. We recommend starting playing with My11Circle and Dream11 [Read “How to start for Free or minimum amount”].
  2. Create an account. Once you’ve chosen a platform, you’ll need to create an account using your mobile number, Email, and some personal information.
  3. Select a match. Once you’ve created an account, you can start selecting matches to play in. You’ll need to choose an upcoming match with which you are familiar (IPL, International).
  4. Create your team. The next step is to build your team. You’ll need to select 11 players from the two teams that are playing in the match. Your team consists of wicket-keepers, batsmen, bowlers, and all-rounders.
  5. Choose a captain and vice-captain. Once you’ve selected your 11 players, you’ll need to choose a captain and vice-captain. The captain will score 2X as many points as the other players in your team, while the vice-captain will score 1.5 times as many points. So, carefully choose this section.
  6. Enter a contest. Once you’ve created your team, you can enter a contest (Free, Paid, and Private). There are many types of contests available according to the number of participants (2, 3, ….10M), entry fee (varies from Rs 10- 10K), and multi-team(1-20 teams). So accordingly choose the contest you want to enter.
  7. Multi-Team/ Edit/ Clone/ Deadline. In these platforms, we can create multiple teams, edit, and clone (multi-teams) but only before the deadline (match start).
  8. Track your team’s performance. Once the match starts, you can track your team’s performance. The points that your player’s score will be updated in real-time on these platforms. [Go to “My Matches” >”Live” then tap on the match you want to track.]
  9. Win prizes. Based on your fantasy team’s performance, you will be ranked against other players on the platform. If your team earns enough points, you might win prizes, depending on the contest you entered.

Additional Tips-

KYC Verification. Please complete your KYC using your PAN card and Aadhaar card before adding any funds. It is mandatory to withdraw the winnings.

Point System. Before playing on any app, review the point system to familiarize yourself with how the players score points.

Do your Research. It’s important to conduct research before creating your fantasy cricket team. YouTube is a great resource to find prediction videos where you get well-researched information. For example, search for “name of the match followed by Dream11 prediction (IND vs PAK Dream11 prediction)”.

Join a social community [Telegram]. Joining social communities on platforms such as Telegram and WhatsApp can be helpful in learning more about fantasy cricket. There are many communities created by fantasy experts that provide well-researched advice, videos, and team suggestions. Some of my favorite fantasy cricket experts include Cric11Forecast, Fantasycricketgeek, and Fantasy Buzz.

Last Word

Just like other online games, fantasy cricket is also a game, where people create their own team of real-life playing players and bet money. So, we again request you to clearly understand fantasy cricket before playing.

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Is the Dream11 app fake?

No, It is real. It is a fantasy cricket app where people bet their fantasy teams to win crores of rupees.

Can I win 1 Crore rupees from Dream11?

Yes, you may win. But it is extremely difficult because there are crores of users with many fantasy experts are want to win 1 crore of money. The probability of winning 1 crore is near to be zero.

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