Top 5 Fantasy Cricket Telegram Channels in 2024

Top fantasy cricket telegram channel.

Are you interested in playing fantasy cricket without putting in too much effort? Fantasy telegram channels could be an excellent way to play and learn from experts, and even earn money, regardless of your skill level.

However, it’s important to be cautious as not all channels are trustworthy. Some channels work well and are honest, while others are biased and only interested in their own profits. There are also fraudulent channels that you should avoid.

We’ve been playing fantasy cricket since 2018 and follow around 40-50 telegram channels, so we know which ones are reliable. Therefore, this article provides a list of the top 5 fantasy cricket telegram channels that you can use to learn and make money with experts.

List of Fantasy Cricket Telegram Channel

Telegram Channel NameMore Info
Fantasy BuzzJump
Stats GurujiJump

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What is the Fantasy Cricket Telegram Channel?

The Fantasy Cricket Telegram Channel is a community of fantasy sports enthusiasts who use Telegram to connect with creators(fantasy experts or influencers). Since last-minute updates are crucial in fantasy sports, creators use these channels to guide their users and provide their final XI teams.

Many users join such channels to get the final teams from their preferred creators and eventually earn like them. Cric11Forecast, FantasyCricketGeek, Cricket Buzz, CricInformer, and Stats Guruji are some authentic fantasy telegram channels.

Be Careful- Nowadays, some fantasy telegram channels have transformed into businesses (profit) that promote fantasy apps and offer paid memberships. While promoting an app or offering paid memberships is acceptable, promoting any random app, including betting apps, and trapping users by showing only winnings that may lead to losses for users is wrong. Therefore, it is essential to be careful while joining such channels.

So, if you’re looking for authentic fantasy telegram channels, some of the best ones include Cric11Forecast, FantasyCricketGeek, Cricket Buzz, CricInformer, Stats Guruji, and many others.

Top 5 Fantasy Cricket Telegram Channels

Suggestion– Analyze channels for 5-10 days before using them blindly. Use them only if valuable, otherwise leave.

1. Cric11Forecast

Cric11Forecast is a fantasy cricket telegram channel run by analyst Piyush Arora. This channel covers various cricket tournaments, including International and T20 Leagues, as well as some kabaddi matches. What makes this channel stand out from others is that it prioritizes its users over profit, thus making it one of the best fantasy channels available.


  • Free final fantasy teams and crucial tips.
  •  Creates fantasy teams based on a combination of logic, statistics, and instinct.
  •  Provides information for both small leagues and mega leagues via videos.
  • Plays one or more matches daily, focusing on only good matches.
  • Prioritizes the needs of the followers over his own profit.
  •  Promotes a few fantasy apps.

2. FantasyCricketGeek (Special)

We would like to recommend a special fantasy cricket telegram channel called FantasyCricketGeek, by Peeyush Sharma, a renowned fantasy expert. Peeyush Sharma has been featured in Dream11, JioCinema, and Star Sports for his fantasy previews with experts. He only plays selected ODI and T20 cricket series and leagues, mostly Indian cricket series, WC, IPL, BBL, WPL, and TNPL. What makes him stand out is his extensive knowledge and guidance related to the fantasy field, strategies to become profitable, and how to avoid scammers. We have learned a lot from him, and we believe that following FantasyCricketGeek is an excellent way to learn about fantasy cricket rather than just finding the final team.

3. Fantasy Buzz

Fantasy Buzz is run by fantasy analyst Ranjesh Gupta. He uses statistical analysis and logical reasoning to create final fantasy XI teams for International and T20 League cricket matches. He also advises his users on which matches are suitable for a good investment and which ones are not.


  • Free final demo fantasy teams with valuable tips on selecting C & VC, as well as trump picks.
  •  Create teams based on logic and statistical analysis, making them ideal for 3-4 spot contests.
  •  Provides information through videos that are useful for both small and mega leagues.
  •  Play daily one or more matches (good matches).
  •  Promotes many fantasy apps.

4. CricInformer

There is another good telegram channel dedicated to the statistical and logical analysis of cricket matches, run by fantasy analyst Siddhant Tripathi. The channel mostly covers popular matches such as International and T20 Leagues. However, the channel primarily promotes various fantasy apps, so you may see more app advertisements than fantasy teams and tips.


  • Free final fantasy XI teams with C and VC.
  •  Creates statistical and logical fantasy teams for 3-4 spot contests.
  •  Play daily one or more matches.
  •  Promote lots of fantasy apps.

5. Stats Guruji

Stats Guruji covers a wide range of cricket matches, including international, T20 leagues, and some official T10 matches. They provide a well-researched final XI and many crucial match-related tips for every match.


  • Final Fantasy XI for free with the most crucial insight. 
  • Get statistical and logical fantasy teams for up to 25 spot contests.
  •  Play maximum cricket matches [International, T20 leagues, and some official T10 matches].
  •  Promotes selected apps.

Last Words

Regardless of your skill level, you can make money with fantasy cricket if you have joined the right fantasy telegram channel and also learn a lot of things from experienced fantasy analysts.

The above channels never promise a 100% winning rate and they always suggest dividing your investment into different matches rather than investing it all in a single match.

Our Recommended fantasy cricket telegram channels are Cric11Forecast, FantasyCricketGeek, and Cricket Buzz.

Note- It is impossible to predict the outcome of every match accurately. Hence our advice is to avoid telegram channels that claim to have a 100% winning rate and only show winnings every match.

FAQs: Fantasy Cricket Telegram Channel

What is the No 1 telegram channel for fantasy cricket?

There are more than 50 Telegram channels available in India that offer fantasy final teams and valuable information. In our opinion, among them, the top-ranked channel for fantasy cricket in 2024 is Cric11Forecast. This channel provides excellent fantasy final teams for free and insightful tips with minimal promotion. The creator also prioritizes his followers over his own profit.

What are the best fantasy cricket telegram channels?

The best genuine fantasy cricket telegram channels include Cric11Forecast, FantasyCricketGeek, Cricket Buzz, CricInformer, and Stats Guruji where you get excellent fantasy teams and you can also learn lots of things from those fantasy analysts.

May I join any paid membership telegram for fantasy cricket?

Fantasy cricket is an unpredictable game, and no one can guarantee 100% winnings. Additionally, there are many genuine fantasy cricket telegram channels that offer excellent services for free. Therefore, we believe that there is no need to join a paid membership telegram channel for fantasy cricket in 2024.

What are the top fantasy cricket telegram channels for free?

The top fantasy cricket telegram channels for free are Cric11Forecast, Cricket Buzz, CricInformer, Stats Guruji, fantasy Arena, Fantasycricketgeek, Addaguru, Confirm Fantasy, Aakash Chopra, Sports Fantasy Guruji, and many more.

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