Top 60+ Best Fantasy Cricket Apps in India [2024]

Best Fantasy Cricket Apps.

Are you looking for the best fantasy cricket apps to earn extra income? In India 2024, Fantasy cricket has emerged as one of the best ways to do so, with over 60 fantasy apps currently available.

However, with so many options available, it can be difficult to choose the right one for you. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you.

This article will guide you in selecting the best fantasy cricket app from 60+ fantasy apps that suit your needs. You can start earning while enjoying the live cricket matches you love.

60+ Fantasy Cricket Apps List 2024

RankFantasy AppsSign-up RewardsDownload Page
1Dream11100 Discount CouponClick Here
2My11Circle1st Contest Free Entry (49)*Click Here
3MyTeam11100 Bonus + Free TicketClick Here
4MyFab11100 Cash BounsClick Here
5Vision11300 Cash BounsClick Here
6PlayerzPot1st Contest Free EntryClick Here
7MPL5 Real Cash + 20 CoinClick Here
8Howzatadd 200 & get Free entryClick Here
9SportsBaazi50 Bonus + Free entryClick Here
10Real111st Contest Free EntryClick Here
11Fantasy Akhada500 Bonus CashClick Here
12MyMaster11100 Cash BounsClick Here
13League1110 Cash BounsClick Here
14Batball1150 Cash BounsClick Here
15WinZ020 Bouns + Free entryClick Here
16First Games50 Bouns + Free entryClick Here
17Fan2Play20 Cash BounsClick Here
18Kubera Fantasy100 Bonus + 20 Extra CashClick Here
19BuyStars1st Deposit OfferClick Here
20Fantafeat100 Cash BounsClick Here
21Sportasy500 BonusClick Here
2211Challengers100 Cash BounsClick Here
23Choic11300 Cash BonusClick Here
24Super41200 Cash BonusClick Here
25Life1150 Bouns + Free entryClick Here
26CrickPe50 CashbackClick Here
27HalaPlay50 Bouns + Free entryClick Here
28BigCash20 Cash BonusClick Here
29Tamasha Pro9 Real Cash + 1 BonusClick Here
30Cricket.comClick Here
31FantossClick Here
32FSL11100 Cash BounsClick Here
331X11500 Cash BonusClick Here
34Twelfth Man100 Cash BounsClick Here
35Legend Fantasy1000 Cash BonusClick Here
36Vijayi Bhawa10 + 400 BonusClick Here
37Levelup1150 CoinsClick Here
38PolySports25 Bouns + Free entryClick Here
39Exchange2250 Cash BounsClick Here
40Investro200 Cash BounsClick Here
41Sixer10 CoinsClick Here
42Famous1110 Real CashClick Here
43OneTo11100 Cash BounsClick Here
4411Wicket50 Bouns + Free entryClick Here
45Prime CaptainClick Here
46AddaGamesFree Entry (ticket)Click Here
47SportsBuzz111100 Cash BonusClick Here
48iGamio100 Cash BounsClick Here
49Kaptain1110 TicketsClick Here
50Ninja11100 Cash BounsClick Here
51Royal111500 Cash BonusClick Here
5211Caps115 Cash BounsClick Here
61Fantasy Squad [Closed]
62Fantasy Battle[Closed]
64A23 FantasyMoved
65Cricket ExchangeMoved
68Nostra Pro[Closed]
71Fantasy Dangal[Closed]
72Gamezy Fantasy[Closed]

What is the best fantasy cricket app?

A best fantasy cricket app is an app related to fantasy sports that provides a variety of useful features and regular offers to users. Vision11, Dream11, and MyFab11 are examples of the best fantasy apps.

How to choose the best fantasy cricket app?

In India, there are over 60 fantasy cricket apps available; however, not all of them are trustworthy and help you to become profitable. Therefore, choosing a reliable and suitable app that meets your needs is crucial.

In our opinion, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to choosing a fantasy app. The best fantasy app for you depends on your personal requirements. 

Beginners usually invest less, so they prefer playing on apps that offer free or discounted entry. Intermediate users have some amount to invest and look for apps that offer cashback on deposits, low platform fees, and discounted entries. However, pro users have a good amount to invest and prioritize safety along with other benefits like low platform fees and cashback on deposits.

Therefore, it is important to choose a fantasy cricket app that meets your specific requirements and is trustworthy. 

If you are a new user the basic requirement includes

Useful Features:

  • smooth and good-looking UI
  • quick withdrawals
  • good contact support
  • competition
  • low platform fee (commission) contests
  • various modes of fantasy cricket (2nd inning, opinion, etc)
  • others ( quick join mode, dark mode, etc).


  • sign-up rewards
  • free entry (giveaway) contests
  • cashback on deposit
  • refer & earn, etc.

If you’re looking for the best fantasy app to suit your needs, check out Best Ways to Choose Fantasy Cricket App according to your skill level.

How to Identify which Fantasy Cricket Apps are genuine and trustworthy?

Before depositing your valuable money in any fantasy cricket app, you should confirm that the app is safe and genuine, which means Trustworthy. To confirm this, there are a few factors you should look out for. A trustworthy app should have at least one or two of these factors.

These are the factors that ensure the trustworthiness of a fantasy app-

Note- Trusted Fantasy cricket apps do not mean 100% safe and genuine. Some apps have shut down despite having a good reputation. Thus, if you see convenience for a long time in any app, it is better to switch to another app.

15 Best Fantasy Cricket Apps in India 2024

1. Dream11: Fantasy Cricket App

Dream11 Fantasy Cricket App
Dream11 App

Dream11 is the most popular fantasy cricket app in India with over 20 crores of downloads. The app is known for its seamless user experience and exciting features and offers. It offers a wide variety of sports fantasy options, including cricket, football, kabaddi, basketball, esports, volleyball, and baseball.

Notably, Dream11 was the first app to introduce fantasy cricket in India and now regulates other small fantasy cricket apps through FIFS. Dream11 is also the lead sponsor for the BCCI and many T20 leagues.

Top features & offers
  • Get discount coupons worth Rs 50 as a registration reward.
  • GST Free: 100% government GST is refunded as discount points.
  • Discount bonuses are usable Rs 25 or 10% of the total entry fee.
  • Offers discounted entry, DreamCoins, Champian Club, etc.
  • Exciting features are Quick Join Mode and Guide (Guru Teams and Match Stats).
  • More Details
Pros & Cons


  • Provides many types of offers to users regularly.
  • Excellent user experience [rating of 4.3/ 5 on the Google Play Store and 4.5/ 5 on the Apple Store].
  • All types of users are Playing (promoted through Ads) [May say slightly low competition].


  • Platform Fees (Commissions) are higher (10-25%) compared to others.
  • Need to improve Help and Support.
Tips for New Users-

If you have Rs 5-10 to invest, Dream11 provides a Rs 50 discount coupon to new users (flat 90% of entry fee) as a joining reward. By using the Dream11 coupon and Rs 5, you can play Rs 49 mega contests.

Dream11 is the Best app to play Mega Contests, no other apps provide these varieties of Mega Contests (members and entry fee). And if you are playing Small League, except IPL, India international matches are suitable.

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2. My11Circle: Fantasy Cricket App

My11Circle: Fantasy Cricket App.
My11Circle App

My11Circle is a famous fantasy sports app with over 4 crore downloads. The app is well-known for offering the chance to win big prizes such as SUVs and Tahr and become a crorepati, as advertised. With a wide range of sports fantasy options including Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, and Basketball, My11Circle is the go-to app for sports enthusiasts. Additionally, the app offers an overload of interesting features and offers that provide immense value to its users.

Top features & offers
  • Only Rs 1 needs to start playing. Get Rs 49 contest for Rs 1 as a joining reward.
  • GST Free: 100% government GST is refunded.
  • My11Circle unlocked bonus cash is withdrawable and 100% usable in any paid contests.
  • Provides gadget prize pool Mege Contests [save TDS].
  • Refer your friend to earn up to Rs 551 per friend.
  • More Details
Pros & Cons


  • My11Circle Cash bonus* is 100% withdrawable and usable.
  • Good platform to play Mege Contests.
  • It is promoted through Ads. So the competition little low.


  • Withdrawal Charge is Rs 15 per transaction no matter the amount.
  • Takes high platform charges (commission).
  • Help and Support have to improve.
Tips for New Users-

My11Circle is offering a fantastic deal where you can participate in a contest worth Rs. 49 for just Rs. 1! As a joining reward, you will also get a deposit offer. To maximize your benefits, it is recommended that you take advantage of the first deposit offer by depositing an amount of Rs. 50 or more, which can give you an extra bonus cash of up to 200%. Once you have made the deposit, you can start playing right away.

MyCircle is best to play Mega contests. Only play small league when you have the locked cash bonuses because without bonuses it takes high platform charges.

3. MyTeam11: Fantasy Cricket App

MyTeam11 Fantasy Cricket App.
MyTeam11 App

MyTeam11 is a fantasy app that is currently underrated due to its lack of promotion. However, this app has some fascinating features such as the ability to use bonus credits in every contest and a 10-match mega leaderboard. It offers an excellent user experience with Fantasy cricket, football, basketball, and Kabaddi, as well as card games like Rummy and Poker.

Top features & offers
  • Register to get a free entry of Rs 49 [ticket+ bonus].
  • GST Free: 100% government GST is refunded as a Deposit Bonus.
  • 5% on every Small league and 10-20% on Mega Leagues bonus is usable.
  • Provides both Full Season and 10 Matches Mega Leaderboard in all popular leagues.
  • More Details
Pros & Cons


  • 5% bonus (credit) is usable in every small league.
  • 10 matches mega leaderboard.


  • Little high competition.
  • High platform fees in maximum contests.

MyTeam11 is best for playing both Small and Mega Contests.[Guide]

4. Vision11: Fantasy App

Vision11 Fantasy App.
Vision11 App

Vision11 is similar to MyFab11. Currently, Vision11 is a popular fantasy app among fantasy enthusiasts due to its excessive promotion. It also becomes interesting for both low platform fee contests as well as daily free giveaways of prize pool ranging from 20K-1Lakh.

Top features & offers
  • Offer some low platform fee contests.
  • GST Free: 100% government GST is refunded.
  • Daily Free Giveaway of prize pool Rs 20K-1L.
  • Provides various modes of fantasy cricket [2nd inning, Batting, Bowling, Reverse, etc].
  • More Details
Pros & Cons


  • Daily Free Giveaway.
  • Provides some low platform (low commission) contests.


  • Bad Contact support.
  • Slightly high competition.
Tips for Beginners-

Vision11 is great for those with money to invest in small leagues, as it provides some lower platform fee contests. If you don’t have funds, try the free daily giveaways instead.

5. MyFab11: Fantasy Cricket App

MyFab11 Fantasy Cricket App.
MyFab11 App

MyFab11 is a platform that offers several benefits to its users, including lower platform fees and daily giveaways. However, what sets MyFab11 apart is its Refer & Earn program, which allows users to earn a lifetime commission. Moreover, MyFab11 provides maximum fantasy sports, various modes of fantasy cricket, and opinions.

Top features & offers
  • Provides daily free giveaways in popular matches.
  • GST Free: 100% government GST is refunded.
  • Offers a few low platform fee contests.
  • Refer friends to get lifetime affiliate commission (up to 50%) of friends played.
  • More Details
Pros & Cons


  • Few low platform fees (low commission) contests.
  • Daily giveaway contests.
  • Refer friends and earn a lifetime affiliate commission.


  • Slightly high competition.
  • The app runs a little slow and may see small glitches.
Tips for New Users-

MyFab11 is best for beginner players who have little funds or don’t have funds to invest due to its daily free entry (giveaway) contests.

6. PlayerzPot: Fantasy & Rummy App

PlayerzPot: Fantasy & Rummy App.
PlayerzPot App

PlayerzPot is an interesting platform that combines both fantasy sports and regular games including casual and card games in one place. The app is well-known for its refer-and-earn system and low platform fee fees. It also offers a wide range of fantasy sports with different modes of cricket.

Top features & offers
  • It provides good sign-up rewards to new users.
  • GST Free: 100% government GST is refunded.
  • Availability of many fantasy sports, modes of fantasy cricket, and games.
  • It has 3 modes of instant withdrawal facility.
  • Excellent refer and earn benefits.
  • More Details
Pros & Cons


  • It provides a variety of features and offers.
  • Provides some lower platform fee contests.
  • We can earn money by simply referring new friends.


  • High competition because it is generally promoted by fantasy influencers.
  • Tempting users by showing a discounted entry.
Tips for New Users-

In our opinion, the PlayerzPot app is good for beginners as it provides excellent sign-up benefits. You can use a 100% sign-up bonus of up to 25 for your first contest.

7. MPL: Gaming & Fantasy App

MPL: Gaming & Fantasy App.

MPL is a popular gaming app that also offers a variety of fantasy sports games such as cricket, football, and kabaddi. The app provides several attractive offers for both new and existing users. Additionally, it offers many interesting features such as XP Rewards, numerous withdrawal options, and excellent customer support.

Top features & offers
  • Get Rs 5 + 10+ coins sign-up bonus to new users.
  • GST Free: 100% government GST is refunded.
  • MPL provides regular deposit offers to get extra coins and also occasionally gets extra real cash deposit offers.
  • Here, you can earn more XP rewards and claim more features and real cash.
  • It has 3 withdrawal options.
  • More Details
Pros & Cons


  • Competition is slightly lower than other apps.
  • It provides many interesting offers and features.


  • It charges a high platform fee (commission) on maximum contests.
  • It runs slow on the old device.
Tips for New Users-

MPL is a good app for those who are new to online gaming. It offers Rs 5, 10+ coins, and a free entry to a game for new users. Moreover, the withdrawal limit is only Rs 1, which implies that you can play and earn pocket money with just Rs 5 and a free entry game, and even withdraw your earnings.

8. Howzat: Fantasy Cricket App

Howzat Fantasy Cricket App.
Howzat App

Howzat is an underrated fantasy app that provides suitable offers and features to users.

Top features & offers
  • It offers a deposit deal and free entry to new users.
  • Have both fantasy cricket and games (cards and Carrom).
  • We can earn money by simply referring friends up to 6000 per friend.
  • More Details

9. SportsBaazi: Fantasy Cricket App

SportsBaazi Fantasy Cricket App.
SportsBaazi App

In 2023, the BalleBaazi app changed its name to SportsBaazi. Presently, SportsBaazi is one of the most exciting fantasy apps out there, offering daily freeroll giveaways, contests with lower platform fees, and bonus-applicable contests. It also features a unique “Players Intelligence” function that helps users create the best possible team.

Top features & offers
  • It has many options in one app- Fantasy sports, Stats Pro, Stocks, and Games (Ludo, Cards).
  • In “Players Intelligence”, you get all the stats of players and even you can compare them with other players who are better according to stats.
  • Provides daily free giveaways.
  • Offers lower platform and bonus applicable contests.
  • More Details
Pros & Cons


  • Provides many cricket fantasy options like Stats Pro, Stocks, 2nd Inng, etc.
  • Offers daily freeroll contests.
  • Has some lower platforms and bonus-applicable contests.


  • Bad contact support.
  • High competition.
Tips for New Users-

For new users, the app offers good sign-up rewards, including tickets a 50 bonus, and daily free contests, making it an excellent choice for beginners.

10. Fantasy Akhada: Fantasy Cricket App

Fantasy Akhada: Fantasy Cricket App
Fantasy Akhada App

Fantasy Akhada provides many fantasy sports with good UI and an excellent user experience. It is currently the top-rated app with lower platform fees contests when compared to other reliable apps. It also provides special cashback offers regularly.

Top features & offers
  • No. 1 low-commission fantasy app (has many low platform fees contests).
  • Provides deposit cashback offers regularly.
  • GST Free: 100% government GST is refunded as discount points.
  • It has many interesting features like Dark Mode, Quick Join Mode, etc.
  • Provides regular leaderboard contests.
  • More Details

11. Real11: Play Fantasy Cricket

Real11: Play Fantasy Cricket
Real11 App

Real11 is a popular fantasy app that offers a variety of features such as fantasy sports, games, and opinions all in one place. It is known for having lower platform fees for contests, making it an attractive option. In addition, Real11 occasionally offers rewards to both new and existing users, such as discounts and giveaways.

Top features & offers
  • It offers good sign-up rewards to new users.
  • GST Free: 100% government GST is refunded.
  • Both Fantasy sports and Games are available.
  • Provides some budget-friendly, low-platform fee (commission) contests.
  • More Details

12. BatBall11: Fantasy Cricket App

BatBall11 Fantasy Cricket App.
BatBall11 App

BatBall11 is a fantastic app that offers fantasy sports, games, and various modes of fantasy cricket. What makes it unique is its low platform fee contests and regular free giveaways. If you are a beginner and don’t want to spend any money, BatBall11 is the perfect app for you to play for free, as it offers 2-5 free contest giveaways regularly.

Top features & offers
  • Regularly, 2-5 free giveaway contests with a prize pool of 1K-10K.
  • GST Free: 100% government GST is refunded.
  • Have many low platform fee contests.
  • It provides maximum fantasy sports, many modes of fantasy cricket, and even games.
  • More Details

13. First Games: Fantasy & Rummy App

First Games: Fantasy & Rummy App
First Games App

First Games” is a fantasy app handcrafted by Paytm. It provides many fantasy sports, card games, and different modes of cricket fantasy such as “2nd inning”, “Match Up”, and “live fantasy”. This app has lower competition, which could increase the chances of winning. However, it does not refund government GST on deposits like some other apps, which is a disadvantage.

Top features & offers
  • Provides free entry (Rs 10) and a deposit offer for new users.
  • It provides many different types of cricket fantasy cricket.
  • Provides regular deposit cashback offers.
  • Note- It does not refund users GST.
  • More Details
Pros & Cons


  • Provides discounted entry, good deposit offers, Challenges, etc for only beginners.
  • Have UPI, and Bank instant withdrawal facility without any charges.


  • Charges slightly high platform fee (commission).
  • It does not refund user GST.
  • Slightly slow on the old device.
Tips for New Users-

First Games provides great offers for new users, including free entry (worth Rs 10) and a deposit offer. Additionally, they offer extra bonuses for beginners. Therefore, it could be a good app for new users to take advantage of all the benefits. However, please note that GST is not refundable.

Last Words-

We have compiled a list of more than 60 fantasy cricket apps, along with some details for each. You can choose the app that suits your needs from this list. However, if you’re unsure about which app is the best fit for you, we have created different categories of fantasy cricket, along with rankings, on our website.

As fantasy sports involve financial risk, you can either win or lose money. Therefore, our first suggestion is to play for free, as many apps offer free entry on a regular basis. Secondly, we recommend following genuine fantasy influencers on YouTube. Lastly, try to learn about fantasy sports from both of the above-mentioned.

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FAQs: Best Fantasy Apps

What are the top 5 fantasy apps in India in 2024?

Considering the fantasy app features, offers, and app UI. These are the top 5 apps in India in 2024:
1- Dream11
2- Vision11
3- My11Circle
4- MyFab11 &
5- MyTeam11

Top 10 fantasy cricket apps list.

Top 10 fantasy cricket apps are Dream11, Vision11, My11Circle, MyFab11, BatBall11, MyTeam11, PlayerzPot, MPL, Fantasy Akhada, and Real11.

Is the fantasy app Real or Fake?

Yes, fantasy apps are real and trustworthy. Actually, the government does not regulate fantasy apps.
However, few apps have a license from the Indian government to operate fantasy communities legally. Dream11 app is one of them to regulate fantasy apps. Dream11 app regulates small and new platforms through FIFS.

Is Dream11 the best fantasy app in 2024?

Undoubtedly, the Dream11 app is the best fantasy app in 2024. Dream11 has the best features and offers like paying GST, regular discounts, DreamCoins, Champions Club, etc.

Which app is better than Dream11?

In our opinion, no app is better than Dream11 directly. But, if we consider the platform fees (commission) and free giveaways then some other app is better than Dream11.

List the best fantasy cricket apps in 2024.

In 2024, the best fantasy cricket apps are Dream11, Vision11, Fantasy Akhada, and BatBall11. These apps offer great features and deals.

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